Smoking oven SMALL


Smoking ovens of various sizes for sale.

  • Size 145x50x50; Chamber 45x40x45 - €529


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Smoking oven SMALL

  • Dimensions 145x50x50cm (height, width, depth)
  • The weight of the smoking oven is around 80 kg
  • Chimney 120x105x105mm
  • The dimensions of the smoke chamber are 45x40x45 cm, there are 2-3 grates in the smoke chamber, a fat pan and hooks on the ceiling.
  • A thermometer on the door of the smoking chamber - to monitor the temperature.
  • Smoke oven with double walls, which helps maintain an even cooking temperature.
  • Grates and grease pan made of stainless steel. (can be made of regular steel - the price is cheaper).
  • The bottoms of the fireplace and smoke chamber are 5mm, the walls are 3mm, the ceilings are 2mm metal.
  • There is a damper to adjust the draft.
  • If necessary, a removable and suitable length chimney. (Read: e.g. for a canopy)
  • If desired, wheels can be added below to make it easier to move.
  • The outside of the smoking oven is painted with heat-resistant paint.